Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dude...I have a bone to pick...

My kinda junk...just sayin'...
went shopping yesterday and found this great dude prop,
it'll be great for tees and jewelry, but I need
to grunge him up a bit, zombify him...right!

 Shoulda seen the older folk at the checkout
when they rang up me bone..heh heh..
this great old cow bone will be for sale as well!

I'm starting to compile old candlesticks
to embellish your macabre setting at home,
the black tapers will be added soon.
Keep checkin' out the shop for more new stuff...@
Muscatine Mall

1 comment:

  1. I love the cow bone!!!!! i too had a similar experiance at the store..i went to hobby lobby the other day, dressed in all black of course, and brought up 20 black candles...the ol lady didnt even look at me..hahaha, she probaly thought,"Witch"! hahaha! And she over charged me! Not to mention al the crazy looks i got!! i love being diff!! :)Never a dull moment i'll say!